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Taxes & Duties


It depends on what country you are receiving the goods. There are countries restricting few for imports with no taxation barriers while there are also other countries requiring high taxes. Before larger quantities of orders, you will have to refer to related legislations and practices in your country, or in other words, you have to consider the shipping destinations if you are drop shipping internationally. Please note that seculife will charge zero sales tax or any other hidden fees.

Extra Tax Charges, VAT, Sales Tax To Order Totals

There are no additional sales taxes or hidden charges to orders. The grand total including goods total and freight is all you need to pay, however, you can be charged with taxes by the customs of your country when importing goods. Please refer to your local tax offices in advance.

Custom Problems

We have a large customer base and are rarely faced with the problem of passing the customs. But customs policies change over time. For any goods stuck at the customs, you have our first-hand back-up and 50% share of the loss if we still cannot get them through.

Customs Knowledge

You are not necessarily required to be equipped with the knowledge of customs. The courier or freight company will take care of customs clearance for small and medium sized orders.

Customs Detainment

A customs agency can be of great help to you since we are not professionals in the perspective of clearance rules, meanwhile you have our back-up if we can help you.

Documents for Customs Clearance

You are generally provided with a commercial invoice attached to every shipment. Further more, please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests for the invoice or need more documents.

Refund for Customs Detainment

We feel sorry to hear that your goods have been blocked by the customs. Stated clearly on the website, the customers are responsible for the customs clearance, as we can only promise the parcel passes Chinese customs but we cannot get involved with customs in your country. It is a great pity that your shipment is blocked. Please contact with the corresponding salesperson for solutions.

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