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Seculife Points Policy

What are Seculife Points?

ecu-star points are a kind of rewards for our registered customers. You need to register and login your account to collect or use Seculife points. Seculife points cannot be cashed, but they can be converted to balance and redeem items on our website, once your points have been accumulated to no less than 10.The exchange rate from Seculife points to US dollars may vary according to the Seculife points you have. See rules below:

Accumulated Seculife Points Exchange Rate (Seculife Points :US Dollars)
10-20 1:1
20-50 1:1.2
50-100 1:1.5
>100 1:2

How to Earn Seculife Points?

It’s easy to earn Seculife points as long as you’re a registered customer. There’re 3 ways to earn it.

A. Place an order.

Any order with value (shipping fee excluded) no less than $100 is qualified to get Seculife points. Orders which are applied discounts or coupons are not qualified for Seculife points.An order with value of $100 will collect 1 Seculife point.On the basis of $100, every additional $50 can collect 0.5 point. No points collected if the additional value is less than $50.For instance: $200.01~$249.99 order = 2 points; $250.00~$299.99 order = 2.5 points.

B. Introduce a new customer.

There’s another way to earn Seculife points: introduce a new customer to us to collect points.If you introduce a new customer to us, you can get 0.5 point every time he gets 1 point. This system can work only when the new customer write down your registered email when he register.The source of your points and use record will be shown to you, but the new customer’s order information will not be shown to you or any other third-parties.

Please note that the process is not cyclic, which means you will not get points if the new customer you introduced introduce another new customer to us. For instance, A introduces B, and B introduces C. Soif C gets 10 points, B can get 5 points but A will not get points.

C. Write a review about Seculife.

We would love to hear about your reviews about our products and services.So we decided to offer some Seculife points as a reward if you would write down a review about us.To protect your privacy, we will not display your full name on our website, only the first 3 letters. 

If you are one of the first 3 customers who write comments for a product, you will be rewarded with 0.2 points for each comment.If you are the 4thto 10th customers who write comments for a product, you will be rewarded with 0.1 points for each comment.Each customer can get maximum 5 points per day.

How to Use Seculife Points?

On the basis of at least 10 Seculife points, you can use the points to balance and redeem items on our website.You can check or convert your current points on “My Scores & Balance” from your account. After converting your points into balance, you can use the balance to pay your order.

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