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What is AHD Camera?

AHD is a tech of HD/FullHD video, audio and control signal transmission via a regular coax cable at the distance of 500 m without any latencies and losses. NEXTCHIP – is the famous Korean company, developed AHD tech, whose production applies in video recorders and video cameras of the most of manufacturers of video surveillance systems. 
AHD tech core features:

1. High image quality at the resolution of 720p/1080p 

The technology uses a progressive scan while forming a signal and division of brightness and color components of an analog signal: that allows eliminating a blur and blinking, improving a color reproduction.

2. Reliable and inexpensive connection 
AHD data transmission technology doesn’t lay a big claim on a coax cable quality. That’s why any available cable can be used for data transmission, including a composite one.
3. Long distance of a network laying without quality losses 
Video data is transmitted without quality losses at the distance of 500 m.

4. Qualitative video without latencies 
No signal latencies, indicative for IP-systems.

5. Universal application 
AHD video recorders can work in three modes, namely with three types of video cameras: standard analog D1/960H, AHD and IP ones. That allows to connect already installed IP or/and standard analog video cameras to AHD video recorder.

AHD video recorders can be easily integrated in an existing video surveillance system, in this case old analog video cameras can be replaced with AHD ones without any difficulties depending on a speed of a system modernization.
The improved image quality gives you sharper image, screen noise reduction, and the enhanced definition speaks for itself. What is AHD cameras? Well check it.

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